Krka National Park

It is an excellent destination for hiking, only 25 km away from Vodice. It is names after the river Krka, which mainly flows through the national park. By parking at Skradin, visitors can approach the area on a pleasant cruise which takes them right to the bottom of the large waterfall. Leaving the boat, the visitors can enjoy the sight of the gorgeous fauna. The lovers of hiking can also find giant rocks to see. Out of the 18 fish species living in the river, 10 are only native here. The national park also has a diverse birdlife and unique bat species too.

We do not only recommend this trip to those who love nature. But also the history lovers can find it exciting and interesting since Necven Fortress, Burnum Fortress and Bogocin Fortress are the part of the national park.

Visitors can choose from a variety of routes, depending on the size of the tour they take as the area can be explored on foot, by boat or by bus.

Látnivalók Krka Nemzeti Park             Látnivalók Krka Nemzeti Park            Látnivalók Krka Nemzeti Park

Kornati Islands

Kornati group of islands is a great destination including 150 islands and only 25 km away from Vodice. Due to its breathtaking beauty, much of Kornati was declared as a national park in the early 1980’s.

The speaciality of trip is to be able to enjoy the beauty of the islands on a boat tour, focusing on its aquatic life. The area gives home to scarce animals, and more than 500 species of plants, so the cruise is guaranteed to be a memorable experience for the visitors.

For adventurers, diving opportunity is recommended, where the colorful wildlife can be discovered, whether accompanied by dolphins or sea turtles.

Látnivalók Kornati-Szigetek          Látnivalók Kornati-Szigetek         Látnivalók Kornati-Szigetek


The town of Šibenik is ideal for a short trip with its historical and cultural treasures. It is only 11 km away from Vodice. The route is especially suitable for families with children, as you can visit the Aquarium in the centre of the city, which introduces the wildlife of the Adriatic to young and old as well.

For history lovers, the Cathedral of St. James, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000, is highly recommended. The city museum, which reveals the history of the surrounding towns to the visitors, is next to the church. The city is famous for its four forts, which used to protect Šibenik against Turkish troops.

Not far from the city the Falcon Center can be found, where you can admire game birds up close.

Látnivalók Sibenik Városa         Látnivalók Sibenik Városa        Látnivalók Sibenik Városa 

Murter Island
The Croatian island of Murter is only 15 km away from Vodice, extremely close to the Kornati National Park, hence the name Kornati Gate. Due to its calm stalls, natural beauties and quiet nature, the Murter region is the most ideal excursion destination for those who want to relax and chill. The island has many small beaches and hidden coves, which provide great hiking opportunities. Its most popular beach is Slanica, which is sandy, slowly deepening, so it is suitable for small children too. There are bars, ice cream parlors and showers on the beach, so ensuring a perfect beach day.

Látnivalók Murter-Sziget         Látnivalók Murter-Sziget         Látnivalók Murter-Sziget


Just 4 km from Vodice, Tribunj is a real little port town with all its beauties. Only 1,500 inhabitants live in its location, which gives the main special feature of the small town. The old town part of the settlement lies on a peninsula, which is connected to the other parts only by a narrow embankment.

At the highest point of the village, at the top of a hill, Church of St. Nicholas lies, with a beautiful view of the surrounding islands. Its best-known landmark is a donkey statue in honor of traditional donkey races. The visitors are happy to take photos with it!