Sport & entertainment

Sport possibilities


Vodice offers a full range of sports facilities for everyone, it is a good spot for those who are looking for a place to spend an active holiday.


Cycling paths and bicycle rental

The good thing about cycling is that you can do it anywhere since all you need is a bike. Lovers of mountain biking can try the Okit Mountains around Vodice and those who are looking for an easier route can choose a coastal path. It is not a problem if you cannot take your own bikes because there are many palaces where they can be rented for affordable, friendly prices. Renting is very flexible as we can rent bikes for the all day or just for a few hours as well.


Parasailing is an extreme sport in which one or two places for adrenaline junkies are mounted on a parachute pulled by a speedboat. We can choose a 30-minute ride for ourselves; it is guaranteed to be exciting from the first second to the last! In addition, of course, the view is beautiful from above, the color of the water is simply amazing.


There is nothing better than the feeling of freedom, and this can be fully satisfied by renting a jet ski. Our newly vehicle can take us wherever we want, be it scenic bays, national parks, or the neighboring city. Beginners don't have to be afraid either, as they have the opportunity to take part in a short orientation tutorial or they can go on a trip with an escort.

Bungee jumping

A few kilometers away from Vodice at Sibenik Bridge, anybody who feels the courage can try the most iconic extreme sport, bungee jumping. Those who can beat their fear will surely feel the cathartic state as a result of adrenalin release. If we wish, the people working there can record our jumping so we can keep that memory of our bravery.


Sport is the basis of our healthy life, so it is worth squeezing it into our holiday as much as our time allows. Tennis is a great way to relax during our vacation since we do not need to organize big groups, only 2 people is enough to play a friendly match. Three tennis courts can be found in Vodice, so everyone can choose the closest or the one they like the best.


Vodice has wonderful marine life, so scuba diving is unmissable opportunity. Divers cannot only see and watch beautiful fish, oysters or corals but also so-called ship cemetery. A diving permit is available locally and diving courses begin regularly.



The lovers of gyms do not need to call off their gym routine during their holiday, since anybody can use the gym of Hotel Olimpia, which is close to our apartments. If needed, a personal trainer can help in working out.

Boat rental

Vodice is a seaside paradise so it offers several boat rental opportunities for visitors. With a maritime license, you can rent a boat which fits your category and explore the surrounding islands with it. In case you do not have this license, you can still enjoy a pleasant tour because boats with less than 5 horsepower can be rented without a driver’s license.




Vodice is not only good for visitors who want to enjoy daytime programs. Those, who are interested in going out and enjoy night life, are not going to be disappointed. The city center has number of bars and clubs for tourists looking for a party.


  1. Makina Caffe Bar: during the day it is a cozy and nice café but at night it turns to a frantic party place. It can be found at 20 Obala Ive Juriceva Cota. For those who do not want to go far but want to party, it is the perfect place to choose as you only have to walk until the bazaar from the apartments. It takes around 20 minutes on foot. Click here to get a closer look to Makina.


  1. Hookah Bar: Life does not stop during the daytime in Hookah Bar, it is open all day for visitors. It is worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page since there is live performance almost every night and also several events are organized during the season. Who wants to be the part of a White Party or wants to enjoy some live music, this bar is the ideal spot. It is at UI. Ljudevita Gaja 8., and we can find it easily while walking to into the town.


  1. Baloo Beach Club: It has pool and club music at daytime and there are huge parties at night. If you want a little refreshment while drinking cocktails in a pool, this place is recommended. The club is located on the coastal promenade opposite the Hookah Bar at Ljudevita Gaja 6D. You can check their Facebook page by clicking here…


  1. Hacienda: The club is at Magistrala 42 in Vodice. It can be reached along the main road on the outskirt of the city. No one is admitted to enter under the age of 21 so we should consider this when organizing our programs. If you want to dance and party all night, this is the place for you. The great atmosphere is provided by DJ’s, the rest is up to us. Their Facebook page can be checked here.


If we want an evening when we can just chill and talk with our friends, there are many bars around the apartments where can enjoy some quiet music and also can play cards as well.

Walking in the city: Vodice

Those looking for an active holiday can read a lot of programs on our website. You don’t even have to go far if you want to go hiking after swimming at the beach. There are lots of treasures in the old town, and if you like architecture you can also see some historical monuments, find some local bars and cafés with mouth- watering food or nice shops while we are walking on the coastal promenade to the center.

The trip to here is a great experience itself, as the pedestrian street has beautiful view of the water, bars and restaurants attract tourists. Arriving to the city, we can also see the ships anchored in the port. Here we can find the ACI Marina Vodice (Adriatic Croatia International Club) boat club, which is a popular place among those who love sea.


The history of Vodice

The town was first mentioned under its current name in 1402. It derives from the word “voda” which means water. The town received this name from its significant source of fresh water. Thanks to this and its fertile land, agriculture, olives and viticulture soon started to develop here.

It had been already the part of the Roman Empire under the name of Arausa, from the 15th century until the 19th century it belonged to the Venetian Republic. The town also played an important role in defending against the Turks, it was protected by high walls from the attacks. After the Turkish threat, Vodice started to flourish. The walls and watchtowers were demolished, and the remaining blocks of stone were used to build houses. Unfortunately, today we can only guess where the city walls were originally because they were destroyed without a trace. One of the watchtowers, the Coric, is still found in the old town even these days.

Vodice is famous for its charming, narrow streets, home to the Parish Church of the Holy Cross, built on the site of a small chapel in Baroque style according to the plans of a master from Šibenik. There is also a World War II memorial in the city center, which is very popular with history lovers.

Sight in Vodice


If you feel like walking in the evening, the bazaar row in the center of Vodice is the perfect program for us. From the apartments all the way along the beach leads to the bazaars. It is interesting that we can not only meet boutiques and souvenir shops, there are cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, as well as the market, which awaits visitors with fresh goods. If we get hungry while shopping, we can eat popcorn, cotton candy, and even special gummy sugars to continue searching for the perfect souvenir to our relatives at home.

Candy shop on the Pirate Ship:

Yep, you are not mistaken! If you want sweets, visit the pirate ship-style shop at Ul. Obale Matice Hrvatske 17, 22211, Vodice, where you can choose from special candies. Not just fun for children!



Light rail:

If you don't feel like walking, you don't have to worry, as there are several sightseeing trains in Vodice several times a day, where you can hop on a sightseeing tour for a good price. It stops several times between the two railway terminals, Vodice Harbor and Hotel Imperijal, and is great fun for young and old alike.

Aquarium and Museum:

It can be a great fun to get to know the wildlife and the ship culture. It is a perfect place to discover the native sea world here. Exhibitions, ship maquettes and amphoras show the beauty of the sea world. The Aquarium & Museum of Maritime Tradition is at Ul. Obale Matice Hrvatske 123, 22211, Vodice.

Useful information:

Pharmacies is located next to the doctor’s office opposite the consum at the port at Roca Pave 6., Vodice. Health and first aid kits can be found in Müller ((Obala Ive Juričeva Cota 23, 22211, Vodice), BIPA (Obala Ive Juričeva Cota 2, 22211, Vodice).

Vodice Post Office is located at Obala Ive Juriceva Cota 4, 22211, Vodice, 022/443 145.